Support Rail Unit
Support Rail Unit
Support Rail Unit
Support Rail Unit
Support Rail Unit
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Support Rail Unit
1. The support rail is characterized by small coefficient of friction and low power consumption, thus ensuring good energy-saving performance.
2. It achieves flexible and accurate fine movement, as well as no crawling during low speed movement.
3. The product has a self-adjusting capability in structure, which reduces machining accuracy of the relative accessories.
4. It features easy lubrication, as well as quick and easy maintenance and replacement.
5. This equipment is able to obtain fast motion, high precision and long stroke.
6. The shaft adopts high-quality alloy steel, coming with a quenched hardness of HRC58-62. In addition, it is durable and is stable in both performance and accuracy.
1. The support rail is widely used in precision lathes, measuring instruments and CNC machine tools.
2. It can be applied to the internal workbench of grinder.
3. It is suitable for the working table of a surface grinder.
4. When applied to the operating platform of a cylindrical grinder, it can reduce the amount of heat dissipation in the running process.
5. When used in the fast grinder workbench, the product can lower the coefficient of friction.
6. In order to reduce the energy loss in the operation, it can be commonly found in the electrical discharge machine.
The support rail base is made of aluminum alloy, and the shaft is made of bearing steel GCR15.
Note: We can provide customized products according to customer’s requirements and drawings.
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