Shaft Support Block
Shaft Support Block
Shaft Support Block
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Our shaft supports are mainly used to support the linear shaft, and can be bolted on both sides of the machine wall, so that the linear bearing or slide unit can realize reciprocating movement in the shaft, and achieves the relevant mechanical function.
The product is made from aluminum, and processed through multiple steps of machining. After blasting and oxidation treatment, the finished shaft support achieves a smooth surface, which feels good and looks beautiful. This also leads to a strong acid and weather resistance, as well as a long service life.
The position where shaft is mounted has a slot for easy fastening of shaft by the bolt. The product also features low cost, easy installation, simple operation, and has a high degree of accuracy.
C&H is a China shaft supports manufacturer and supplier. Our company provides various types of products such as slide unit, linear shaft, flanged linear bearing, and support rail.
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