Flange Linear Bushing
Flange Linear Bushing
Flange Linear Bushing
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The flanged linear bearing provides a different mounting method because of its unique flanged structure. It does not require the bearing support, nor does it need to be pressed into the bearing block. It is available in standard type, lengthened type, shortened type, and so on. In addition, the product can be provided with the flange at either end and in the middle. For example, the middle flanged type product can better withstand the torque with no need of a separate bearing block. It also enjoys compact structure, sufficient rigidity, and high precision.
The flanged linear bearing can be divided into square, round flange, and oval flange types. It is provided with a vertical mounting platform on the outer cycle, so that it requires no support when installed, thus greatly reducing the cost. With sufficient rigidity, it can withstand the same load as the standard type. After precision machining, the flange achieves a high vertical accuracy to the outer diameter of bearing. In addition, the flange has good interchangeability, as well as easy maintenance and replacement.
C&H is a specialized flanged linear bearing manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including linear bearing, support rail, slide unit, linear shaft, and more.
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