Metallurgy Bearing
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C&H Metallurgy Bearings

C&H offers comprehensive bearing solutions for metallurgy fields.
Range of size: Can manufacture steel bearings outer diameter from 30mm to 6300mm.
Bearing Types: Deep groove ball bearings, single / double/ four row cylindrical roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, single / double/ four row tapered roller bearings , thrust roller bearings and many kinds of bearings with different structures.
Application Fields: wire & bar mill, hot strip mills, cold strip mills, section mill, sendzimir mill, continuous casting machine supporting bearing and mill machine and fields of bearing block for rolling mill.
Manufacture Capacity: Can provide 400 kinds of bearing specifications and 30,000 sets of bearings to customer.
Manufacture Period: Bearing steel product 45 days, carburizing steel products 60 days.

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