Material Handling
Material handling system bearing
The material handling system bearings consist of roller bearings for forklift portal, chain-guide roller bearings for forklift and standard combined bearings. With thick outer race, these bearings could accommodate heavy contact load. The contact working area of forklift portal bearings and standard combined bearings has been optimized to ensure a more reasonable load distribution when there is contact stress. Chain-guided forklift bearings have a flange to guide the chain.
There are two internal designs available, full complement roller/needle and ball design.
Lift systems
Material Conveyor
Container Reach Stacker
Empty Container Fork
Automatic assembly line
Hydraulic lift platform
Material Handling Systems
Tunnel Boring Machines

Main advantages:
•With the optimized structure, the mount space can be saved, suitable for scope of area.
•Special quick installing design, saving installing and maintenance cost.
•Grease pre-filled with, lifespan pre-longed.
•Good sealing performance and adjustable performance, high loading capacity
•Series of specification, customized according to requested.

Combined bearings
The combined bearings especial suit for truck lift columns and all other shifting and conveying systems requiring profiles.
They can afford load from both axial and radial direction at the same time. With the optimized structure, the mount space can be saved, and the usage is also simple that just to weld the pivot in the mount plate. It is not necessary to dismantle the whole set.
The radial bearing particularly suitable for automation and shift systems, which do not require heavy axial loads, and they come from the combined bearings and maintain the same features of construction.
Mast roller and chain pulley
Forklift bearings include mast rollers and chain pulleys, are essentially balls, cylindrical rollers or needle bearings which are with a thick-walled outer race. The pulleys are available with a flat runner surface or a crowned one, which can be designed according to customer's application. They can roll directly on the tray under heavy load and shock load. They are greased for life. Under normal operating conditions, they are maintenance-free, while they should be re-lubricated under severe working condition to prolong the working lifespan.

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