Inch Rod Ends
Inch Rod Ends
Inch Rod Ends
Inch Rod Ends
Inch Rod Ends
Inch Rod Ends
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Rod Ends
Rod end bearings, also called heim joints or spherical rod ends, are articulating joints that are attached to the ends of tie rods, steering links, and cylinders to provide a transfer of motion and force between two points. They consist of a spherical swivel with a cylindrical bore through which a bolt may pass pressed into a housing that has a threaded shank. Rod end bearings are used in applications such as steering linkages, agricultural machinery, and textile manufacturing equipment, and off-road vehicles,among others
All C&H rod end need be 100% inspected against various parameters before delivery to customer.  Custom orders are available and can include special materials, clearances, surface finishes or configurations to accommodate unique applications.
If you are uncertain as to which of rod end is best suited for your design application, check with us freely. We will give the suitable suggestion.

• High quality raw material
• Advanced heat treated equipment and technology
• CNC lathing and grinding line guarantee the accuracy tolerance
• Automatic hanger phosphate line
• In-Process control and 100% inspection before delivery to user

C&H can offer the following variants:
Maintenance free and Maintenance requiring
Bronze race, PTFE liner, Plastic Injection
Grease nipple: plash type, Zerk type, without nipple
Metric and Inch size
Two-piece: SI-PK, SA-PK, CF, CM, CF-T, CM-T
Three-piece: SI-ES, SA-ES, SI-TK, SA-TK, GIR, GAR, SI-ZK, SA-ZK, JF, JM, KF, KM
Four piece: PHS, POS, SIZP-S, SAZP-S
Rod end with stud: CF-Y, CM-Y, SQZ-RS, SQ-RS, SQP-S, BL-D
Rod end for hydraulic components: GIHR-DO, GIHR-K-DO, GIHN-K-LO, GIHO-K-DO, GK-SK

Custom made Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings

C&H produces a multitude of products for specific customers with designs and configurations to meet unique requirement. C&H specialized in providing practical and sound solutions to rod ends and spherical plain bearing application problems and challenges. Some of options available include:

• Variations in length of shank or stud
• Variations in bore diameter of ball
• Enhanced plating or corrosion resistance
• Metric dimensions
• Special material such as stainless steel
• Sealed rod ends. Seal made by rubber or synthetic materials to give rod end additional protection from contaminants for prolonged life in service.

The plain bearing is widely used in following application
A-frames, dump cylinders, front and rear struts, and steering cylinders for mining trucks
Equalizer track bars, lift and tilt cylinders, push blades, trunnion balls and ripper blades for bulldozers
Articulated joint upper and lower steering cylinders and boom and bucket cylinders for wheel loaders
Stick and bucket cylinders for hydraulic excavators
Additional applications for space shuttles, heavy movable structures and miscellaneous vehicles
Fields: Agriculture, Construction, forklift trucks, material handling, metals, mining, railways, trucks, wind energy,
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